Anna Rosé

Anna Rose Westphalia Vineyards wine

If this wine were a human (stay with me here) it would be that young lady who everyone knows and likes. She’s not aggressive and she’s not a wallflower; she is comfortable in an intimate tête-à-tête as well as at a large shindig. She is a product of the blissful marriage of Monsieur Cabernet Franc and Mademoiselle Sweet Riesling, and she reflects both parts of her noble upbringing. The aroma of this wine (it is a wine, after all) is very tempting, the taste rewarding—black cherry and raspberry of the Cab provide the initial taste impression, with citrus/peach Riesling harmonizing and providing a pleasant lingering sweetness.

If you’ve seen one of us pouring tasting samples at a grocery store or festival, you may have noticed that we often suggest Anna Rosé to people who are not sure which of our wines they would like to try first. Some strive doggedly to deconstruct the wine to determine precisely why they like it, and some just smile and savor it. This is the wine to take to a dinner or party if you’re not really sure of the group’s wine preferences.

As we do every year, we base blending proportions on flavor rather than on color. We rely on the subjective more than the objective. Once again, the bright ruby hue is beautiful. Many rosé and blush wines are lighter in color, but our Anna Rosé is quite unlike other wines. She is a rare beauty who is eminently approachable.

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This time-consuming method helps create fresh and vigorous varietals.

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The only sulfite-free winery in Missouri, and among only three in the entire U.S.

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