A Noble Wine Is Reborn In Missouri At Westphalia Vineyards

A Noble Wine Is Reborn In Missouri At Westphalia Vineyards

By Jack Wax About A mile and a half outside of Westphalia overlooking a stretch of the meandering Maries River, Terry Neuner is coaxing a Missouri grape back to life. This January, a full seven years after he began his quest to resurrect Missouri Riesling grapes, he...

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A Letter To The Neuners

A Letter To The Neuners

Dear Mary and Terry, Below is a review of your fine wines and establishment I posted to the website I hope the review let's you and everyone else who reads it know how much we enjoyed our time with you on August 13th this year. We will be back. If you...

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Wagyu gonna do?

Wagyu gonna do?

By Marcia Vanderlip Westphalia couple tends grapevines, fattens calves and waits for sonsIn 1973, Terry and Mary Neuner fell in love with 400 acres of rich land and forest in the Maries River valley near Westphalia. The land had been worked by German immigrants who...

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