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Lake News OnlineDay Trippin': Travel back in time to an old inn

Westphalia, Mo. — Tucked just off the beaten path in Westphalia, folks will find a unique dining and wine experience with the Nuener family.

Westphalia is the oldest German Catholic community west of the Mississippi River. Not far from Jefferson City, the small community is a glimpse back in time.

For 79 years, the Westphalia Inn has been a landmark Osage county.  Terry and Mary purchased the Westphalia Inn in August of 2008 as a family venture and to showcase the family’s award-winning wines produced not far from the Inn.

The couple, along with the help of their family, has worked to carry on the tradition of the Westphalia Inn started by the first owners in 1930.

Terry said the Westphalia Inn was originally built as a hotel and restaurant.

According to the Nuener’s  the building was constructed in 1930 after the original building, which was next door, was destroyed by fire. This building was acclaimed, at that time, for being the first fire-proof building in the county. It was all concrete and metal construction. During the Cold War  era, the Inn was designated as the Civil Defense building for the residents.

The historical Westphalia Inn serves traditional family style or plated dinners fried chicken, country ham, German pot roast served with green beans, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, fresh baked bread.

For wine lovers, the highlight of any trip to the Inn is the sampling of the award-winning wines produced at the family farm.
Westphalia Vineyards is located on the Nuener family-owned farm in Westphalia, not far from the Maries River.  Due to the nature of the single-lane road leading to the winery plus the fact that the farmhouse is the private family residence, Westphalia Vineyards production facility is not open to the public.

Private tours are available.

In 1991, Terry and Mary Nuener purchased a 400-acre farm in the Maries River Valley. Tenants had farmed the land for many years. 

The farm has an illustrious history.  Wealthy German emigrants, the Porths, built the stone house in the 1840s.  The farm fields had produced corn, milo, barley, and fresh pasture for grazing cattle herds.  Westphalia’s first brewery was located there.
By the time the Nuener family bought the property the house and farm were in sad shape.  Pigs rooted at the foundation of the house.  The massive front porch pillars were crumbling.  Its large rooms had housed grain and even animals.  Fences were in disrepair; roads were poor, the soil worn out.

In the years since 1991, Nuener’s have renovated the house, adding modern complementary wings to the east and west sides, fixed fences, repaired outbuildings and roads, and worked to stop erosion. The crowning achievement of their efforts is the planting of vineyards and the remodeling of an imposing barn into a working winery.

Westphalia Vineyards uses time-honored, natural processes to create handcrafted wines. Although all wines contain some naturally occurring sulfites, the Nuener’s do not add any additional sulfites to our products and age our wines using only

Missouri oak barrels, creating fresh and vigorous wines.

The wines are featured in the Norton Room at the Inn.

Everchanging Shop
106 West Main Street
Westphalia, Mo 65085

Formerly located  in the old Blacksmith Shop on Main Street in Westphalia, the Everchanging Shop is now located on the second floor of the Westphalia Inn.  

Proprietor Mary Nuener said she tries to keep a collection of something old and something new.

“Through the years we change in so many ways and thus our treasures also are “ever changing,” she said. “I have unique gifts for that special someone or that special occasion. I have a treasure of antique glassware, china, jewelry, furniture, unique art work or you may enjoy just browsing through the modern day creative gifts for the young at heart.”

There is bound to be a little something for everyone.