Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son returneth. No joketh. We have been sold out of this unique fine wine for months due to unexpected high demand. We made a little more this year, but get yours while you can. Prodigal Son is a blend of our Norton and our Cabernet Franc. These two grapes behave very differently in the vineyard, they ferment differently, and their individual taste and aroma components are quite different. However, when blended in a proportion we determined in tasting trials with friends and family that happened to be around, the resulting wine truly exhibits the best qualities of these disparate grapes.

All of our wines are unique in many ways (no sulfites added, fermentation in Missouri white oak, etc), but this wine is extra special. Cabernet Franc is the first identified aroma, but Norton comes through as the glass is raised closer to the mouth. The Cab offers its soft vinifera raspberry characteristics, and the Norton offers its distinct bold berry and coffee flavors. An oak background cements the wonderful aromas and flavors. We feel as the sandwich pioneers who first paired peanut butter with jelly must have felt.

Maybe every new immigrant to America from Bordeaux should be given a bottle of our Prodigal Son as a refreshing transition from their land of Cabernet Franc to our land of Norton. Wherever you are from or wherever you are going, buy a bottle or stop by the Westphalia Inn to taste this exciting new wine. You’ll be glad you did.

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White Oak Barrels

This time-consuming method helps create fresh and vigorous varietals.

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The only sulfite-free winery in Missouri, and among only three in the entire U.S.

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Gold medal winner at the National Norton Festival, among 113 total wines entered.

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